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Big Orange. Big Ideas.

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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is a place of energy. We’re powered by our excellent students, our dedicated faculty and staff, and our passionate alumni and donors. And we’re enhanced by our institutional partnerships, our competitive athletic teams, and our high-profile research and creative activity. Tennesseans—and friends throughout the world—take great pride in our university.

Our university’s identity depends on that pride and the energy found on our campus. The Office of Communications and Marketing—with the help of campus communicators and the feedback of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents—developed “Big Orange. Big Ideas.” as the tagline that encapsulates UT Knoxville’s brand. This tagline and its related messages and visual elements convey UT’s identity as a competitive institution with proud traditions and tomorrow-focused energy, whether we’re in the classroom, on the field, or in the laboratory.

Everything we do should reflect our identity and support our brand. This brand book is the perfect place to learn about the UT Knoxville brand and how you can share our story using words, color, imagery, and more. When we present information about UT Knoxville that aligns with the principles found in this brand book, we strengthen UT Knoxville and, by extension, strengthen our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Take a look at the brand principles on the following pages, and help us ensure UT Knoxville’s continued success.

Jimmy G. Cheek

Jimmy G. Cheek

The concept of ‘branding’ may seem miles away from the classroom, but it’s not. Every day, in and out of the classroom, we’re ambassadors of our university.

How we communicate UT’s identity and strengths are essential to this university’s success and, therefore, the success of our faculty, staff, and students. Each time one of us positively represents UT—whether it’s at a conference, in a media interview, through a publication, or otherwise— all of us reap the rewards.

This brand book is a tool to help us be more consistent in what we say and how we say it. Familiarize yourself with it and keep it handy.

Big ideas become reality every day at UT Knoxville. Let’s share them with the world in ways that are both unmistakable and unforgettable.

S.D. Martin

Susan Martin

Big Orange. Big Ideas.


Energy is a visible force at UT Knoxville. It drives everyone, from our high-caliber students and faculty to our fired up game day fans. It’s everywhere, from our ever-growing campus to our footprints across the globe. We are the state’s flagship institution, but the power of today’s UT reverberates beyond Tennessee’s borders. We’re pushing to the forefront of the twenty-first century with fresh, creative thinking in a variety of fields, including our world-renowned supply chain management program, our highly ranked printmaking curriculum, and our breakthroughs in energy sciences. Energy is in everything we do and in everything we are. Our Big Orange spirit ignites us. Our big ideas make us unstoppable.

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Orange color swatches

We are orange. Orange is us. Others may also wear orange, but for them it is a color chosen. For the University of Tennessee, orange is at the core of who we are.

Its origins, of course, lie in the orange daisies that flourished on the Hill in the late nineteenth century. Orange was literally rooted in the center of the campus. Its shade has shifted over the years, just as the campus has shifted westward. But just as the Hill remains the spiritual center of the campus, orange remains central to who we are.

Orange is vibrant. Orange is energetic. Orange commands attention, on the field or in the board room. Orange leaves an impression.

We wear it with pride. We should allow our publications and websites to wear it with pride, too.

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The University of Tennessee. Big Orange. Big Ideas.

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